PAID Advertising in the Crier including advertorial which is FAR more effective for your business than the odd free advert, resulting in regular work.

Janet Dobson
Pendrill Publications/Anglia Print and Publishing Ltd.
Unit 9, Avenue Business Park, Brockley Road
Elsworth, Cambridge CB23 4EY
Tel. 01954 267842

Advertising in the Crier is currently handled by Pendrill Publications, based in Elsworth. Rates are competitive and there is option to advertise in other local village newsletters. Contact them at;

Rate Cards – Jan 1 – 14 – V4 0

Leaflet Deliveries

The Crier team offer a leaflet delivery service within Cambourne. You can have your leaflet delivered with the Crier.

Providing it is delivered with the Crier, leaflet delivery costs are currently 4p per home. Our current distribution is all 3750 occupied homes in Cambourne, information correct as of February 2015 – Occupancies increase month by month so provide spares 30+ each month. This works out at a total cost of  £150 to hit every home in Cambourne with a leaflet. The Crier is delivered over the first full weekend of every month (ie not Sunday 1st.)

Leaflets must be in clearly identified bundles of 100, and Payment is due in advance – Cash or cheque to be delivered with leaflets.

Contact us via this site for further information.

If insufficient leaflets are supplied we cannot offer refunds for non-delivery.

The deadline for booking a leaflet drop is normally the last week of each month, please contact us if in doubt.